Burkina Faso
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currency: West African CFA Franc (XOF)
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landlocked savanna cut by the three principal rivers of the Black, Red, and White Voltas
BurkinaFaso history
Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) achieved independence from France in 1960.

Repeated military coups during the 1970s and 1980s were followed by multiparty elections in the early 1990s.

Current President Blaise COMPAORE came to power in a 1987 military coup and has won every election since then.

Burkina Faso's high population density and limited natural resources result in poor economic prospects for the majority of its citizens.
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Conventional long form: none

Conventional short form: Burkina Faso

Local long form: none

Local short form: Burkina Faso

Formerly known as: Upper Volta, Republic of Upper Volta
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BurkinaFaso's capital city is Ouagadougou
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BurkinaFaso Constitution:

approved by referendum 2 June 1991;

formally adopted 11 June 1991;

last amended January 2002
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BurkinaFaso population growth rate: 3.073%
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BurkinaFaso highest point: Tena Kourou 749 m
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BurkinaFaso lowest point: Mouhoun (Black Volta) River 200 m
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About 18% of BurkinaFaso's land is arable.
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Mouhoun (Black Volta) is the Longest River in BurkinaFaso
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BurkinaFaso birth rate is 43 births/1,000 population
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BurkinaFaso infant mortality rate is 80 deaths/1,000 live births
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BurkinaFaso fertility rate is 6 children born/woman
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BurkinaFaso climate:


warm, dry winters;

hot, wet summers
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Top 10 cities of BurkinaFaso with populations (2012 est.) are:
1. Ouagadougou: 1,086,505
2. Bobo-Dioulasso: 360,106
3. Koudougou: 87,347
4. Ouahigouya: 61,096
5. Banfora: 60,288
6. Dédougou: 45,341
7. Kaya: 39,229
8. Dori: 37,806
9. Tenkodogo: 37,658
10. Réo: 37,535
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BurkinaFaso ethnic groups:

Mossi over - 40%

other approximately - 60% (includes Gurunsi, Senufo, Lobi, Bobo, Mande, and Fulani)
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BurkinaFaso Exports:



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BurkinaFaso Imports:

capital goods


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unicameral National Assembly or Assemblee Nationale (127 seats; members are elected by proportional representation in one national constituency of 16 seats, and 45 multi-member constituencies having between 2 and 9 seats with members serving five-year terms)

Administrative Divisions:
13 regions

1. Boucle du Mouhoun
2. Cascades
3. Centre
4. Centre-Est
5. Centre-Nord
6. Centre-Ouest
7. Centre-Sud
8. Est
9. Hauts-Bassins
10. Nord
11. Plateau-Central
12. Sahel
13. Sud-Ouest
Political parties and leaders:
African Democratic Rally-Alliance for Democracy and Federation (ADF-RDA) - Gilbert OUEDRAOGO

Citizen's Popular Rally (RPC) - Antoine QUARE

Coalition of Democratic Forces of Burkina (CFD-B) - Amadou Diemdioda DICKO
Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) - Roch Marc-Christian KABORE

Democratic and Popular Rally (RDP) - Nana THIBAUT

Movement for Tolerance and Progress (MTP) - Nayabtigungou Congo KABORE

Party for African Independence (PAI) - Soumane TOURE

Party for Democracy and Progress-Socialist Party (PDP-PS) - Ali LANKOANDE

Party for Democracy and Socialism/Metba (PDS/Metba) - Hama Arba DIALLO

Party for National Rebirth (PAREN) - Jeanne TRAORE

Rally for the Development of Burkina (RDB) - Antoine KARGOUGOU

Rally of Ecologists of Burkina Faso (RDEB) - Ram OUEDRAGO

Republican Party for Integration and Solidarity (PARIS)

Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS) - Fidele HIEN

Union for Progress and Reform

Union for Rebirth - Sankarist Movement (UNIR-MS) - Benewende STANISLAS
Union for the Republic (UPR) - Toussaint Abel COULIBALY

Union of Sankarist Parties (UPS) - Ernest Nongma OUEDRAOGO